Anthony Legget Doctor Honoris Causa of the Université de Toulouse

mardi 20 octobre 2015

20 octobre 2015, 13h00


On a proposal from the LPT, Professor Anthony J. Leggett, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics 2003 and the 2002/2003 Wolf Foundation Prize in Physics, was awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa of the Université de Toulouse, on October 19, 2015.

Most of the work of Professor Leggett has been devoted to superconductivity, superfluidity (helium 3 and 4 and degenerate atomic gases) and conceptual issues concerning the foundations of quantum mechanics. Some of these topics were presented during several planned conferences and courses given during his stay at the LPT in 2012 et 2015.

Anthony Leggett (3rd from the right), surrounded by the President of the Université Paul Sabatier, by physicist S. Balibar, et by members of the LPT (including one former postdoc and one former PhD student of Tony Leggett)






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