Les Houches Doctoral Training in Statistical Physics

lundi 02 mars 2015

2 mars 2015, 09h48

In collaboration with G. Batrouni and J. Barré from INLN in Nice, Sylvain Capponi is organizing a doctoral training school on statistical physics. It will be organized from June 22nd to July 3rd in the prestigious Les Houches center.

The main lectures will be :

  • Quantum Statistical Mechanics, Philippe Lecheminant (Cergy)
  • Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Clément Sire (Toulouse)
  • Thermal and Quantum Phase transitions, Matthias Vojta (Dresden)
  • Disordered Systems, Florent Krzakala (ENS, Paris)

We refer to the website for further information and for registration.





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